The SEI bulletin, whose first issue was published in May 1965, is a communication’s tool created for the purpose of disseminating the Spiritist Doctrine. Along the way, through successive graphics transformations, its circulation progressively increased. Jaime Rolemberg de Lima, its creator and founder, also a member of CAPEMI, the Lar Fabiano de Cristo and CAVADI – Casa do Velho Assistencial e Divulgadora [Home of Assistance to the Elderly], perceived that this publication could cross over borders, and thus the international editions came to light in bi-monthly issues. The first SEI Bulletin in Esperanto, the International Language, was launched in July/August 1981, followed by the Spanish edition in April/May 1990, and the English in March/April 1994.

The SEI Bulletin in Portuguese is sent to several countries, currently numbering close to 33, where Brazilians disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine. The Bulletin’s circulation inside Brazil is weekly, and monthly abroad.

Currently the issue in Esperanto, also sent to samideanoj of Brazil, reaches one hundred countries, while the Bulletin in Spanish goes to over 27 countries. The SEI English edition is sent to the United States Spiritist Council (P.O. Box 14026 – 20044-4026 – Washington, D.C. – USA), responsible for its distribution.

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